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Amy Wood Artist

Amy Wood Artist


Art has flowed through my life in one form or another since I was young and the older I get the more important it feels.

When I make something that pleases me the feeling is euphoric. I spend a lot of time chasing that feeling!

Lately my art seems to be focusing on moments in life that interest me and tell a story, I enjoy the challenge of testing my skills to see if I can tell the story in a way that resonates with others too.

Today I was waiting in line at the servo and bumped into a friend who bought some of my pottery mugs years ago and still uses them everyday. I love hearing that people enjoy my work.

In between working I spend a lot of time walking up to the top of the hill on my road to watch the sunset, checking on my garden, reading footrot flats comics, talking to my dog, and asking my children “calmly and politely” to help with the housework, get ready for school on time and not wreck all my stuff.

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