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Amy Wood Artist

Cardio Workout

We moved in three years ago. A block with a creek and a lovely little house up the bank but no garden and no garden soil!

Acquiring my lovely home meant money wasn’t something I was rich in, however there was gold in the form of creek loam at the edge of the bank, how to get it out of the ground and up the hill?

The solution felt a little absurd, using a mattock, shovel and wheelbarrow. Each time I would wheel the barrow down for a load and feel ridiculous – there are so much more efficient less affordable ways of shifting a bit of dirt.

I would puff my way through shoveling and getting the barrow full up the bank three times cursing my lack of funds and ‘proper equipment’ and as I stood in the beginnings of my garden, mind quiet, face red, legs wobbly, utterly winded realized………………………………People  pay for this in the city 😊 They call it cardio!

My garden has grown beautifully.